There are some extremely talented and hardworking artists in Yiron Design studio. each of them is passionate about the art and design. Also, most of them have been working in such industry for many years along with great reputation and wonderful art of works  while they have been involved in a great number of outstanding outsourcing projects, such as the legend of Cryptids, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, Galaxy Saga, The Powerful NYC, etc. 

The satisfaction of our clients is our priority, we do realize the importance the professional attitude and work quality, also understand other issues clients concern about. Therefore, please leave all creative needs to Yiron artists; we can guarantee that we will deliver the best. 

our team

YiRon Design Studio is a Singapore-based studio specialising in concept art and digital illustrations, traditional art and others. We are providing service of design and graphic products in a very wide media industry including film, games, books, magazines and advertisements, etc. 

Although Yiron is newly established, Yiron Design is a small startup with a big vision, every staff has a great deal of experience of doing related business, our small but diligent team has drawn over 300 illustrations for top tier collectible card games, taken part in numerous concept designs for different agencies, completed plenty of book covers and graphic designs to approximately 50 clients all over the world.

To our company, the greatest assets are our artists who follow their dreams in the filed of art. Our goal is to inspire and entertain other creative people and clients with three the “MORE”:

More Professional Attitudes

More Satisfactory Designs

More Reasonable Offer